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Chapter 2.7 : E-Commerce

Electronic  payment  systems  are  the  cornerstone  of  E-Commerce  development  in  the country  by ensuring convenience and flexibility when undertaking commercial transactions and trade. Therefore, the banking  sub-sector  plays  an  important  role  in  the development  of  E-Commerce  solutions.  With  the adoption  of  Internet,  some  of  the financial  institutions  are  already  offering  Internet  banking  and international cash payment via electronic cards such as VISA to customers. Mobile commerce solutions via GSM phones are increasing on the market mainly due to the convenience, flexibility and increase in the use of mobile phones. However, the growth of E-Commerce depends on good telecommunications infrastructure,  effective  legal/regulatory  framework, widespread  use  of  E-Commerce  related  services, awareness creation and development of E-commerce solutions etc.

Some of the challenges in the development of E-Commerce include:

  1. Lack of effective ICT infrastructure to support widespread use of E-Commerce solutions;
  2. Inadequate laws and legal system to support E-Commerce;
  3. Inadequate innovative solutions from the ICT industry that can promote the spread of E-Commerce;
  4. Lack  of  supportive  and  integrated  investments  in  ICT,  energy  and  other social infrastructure projects to increase uptake, access and demand for E-Commerce.

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