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Archive | April, 2007

Interviews with …

Who should we interview? Can you put us in touch with someone who can share words of IT wisdom with other Zambian professionals? Send us your suggestions and we’ll do our best to setup interviews with the people you want to hear from.

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Blogging to Get the Truth Out

Posted 10:05 a.m., April 16, 2007: Just heard on Fox News that there’s been a shooting at Virginia Tech. Dozens of people have been shot and at least two have been killed. This is the kind of terrorist attack I’ve been warning everyone about since 9/11. I’m sure the liberal media isn’t reporting this, but […]

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Chapter 2.10 : Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources

The Zambian travel and tourism industry largely depends on the availability of efficient and effective infrastructure across the country. This infrastructure includes roads, power supply, lodges and airports. Above all, telecommunication plays a vital role in the development of such infrastructure and the overall performance of the sector at national, regional and international levels. Specific […]

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Astronauts Face Many Challenges

By the time she returns to Earth, astronaut Sunita Williams will have spent more than six months inside the international space station. It takes endurance to be an astronaut and Williams is proving to be tougher than most. If you don’t think she’s tough, just picture yourself spending half a year in an enclosed space […]

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Chapter 2.9 : Health

The potential of ICT in contributing to the efficient and effective performance of the health sector is very high especially in remote diagnosis and treatment. Timely collection, management and dissemination of critical information has significant bearing on the performance of the sector in general. To  this  extent,  the  health  sector  has  embarked  on  reforms  that  include development  of  Health Management Information […]

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Chapter 2.8 : Agriculture

The  National  Agriculture  Information  Service  (NAIS)  is  the  major  information  and communication framework for farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector. However, this channel is limited to radio programmes especially servicing the rural areas. Programmes on TV are proving to be more effective  but  the  limited  coverage  of  the TV  network  across  the  country  […]

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