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Should the Paper Syndrome in the IT Sector allowed to completely dominate Job Selection on the basis of actual skills?

ZLUGers, here is a problem. An advert appears in the papers with a list of several IT openings, and someone’s heart jumps with anticipation for a new job, actually, dream job! But when one reaches the “Qualifications” section, there heart sinks to the bottom of near depression and would need a crane to pick it up!

For example, if one has a BA coupled with extensive hands-on skills in networking and programming and virtually everything as dipicted in the computer science curriculum. Then another one has a BSc CS., without the hands-on skills. The guy with a BSc will get the job on the basis of the paper while the other one will lose it on the same basis.

Why should this be so? I think there is need to change this.

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  1. Kasenga Kasenga June 20, 2007

    … we live in a competitive world, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. I have seen and applied to come of those jobs that had BSc as a qualification. The advantage I’ve had for some time has been years of experience. To remain compatitive, we all need to upgrade oursleves, get certified, get educated. This is how we remain compatitive. And, don’t let ads deter you from applying to jobs, you may just be lucky.


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