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Archive | 2005

Africa’s Stolen Biodiversity – Patenting Life

It is said that justice denied somewhere is justice denied everywhere. Taking a closer look at the world economy, it is frightening to see that just as politicians and economists manipulate and abuse the poor people’s rights in the South, the same is happening to the innocent people in the North. These citizens pay huge […]

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9 Months Old Babies Crush Stones in Lusaka

I sat amidst stone crushers near the Kafue Road in Lusaka. Not an easy place to spot. The stone crushers have been hidden behind heaps of piled stones. I sat down with some “elderly” women and their children. Together we talked as they crushed stones. I could not concentrate on our chat, as my thoughts […]

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Open Source Background Bookmarks

This page contains links to useful background information on Open Source. Please contribute! I suggest however that no links to Open Source Projects are put here; I intend to start another page with useful Open Source Software. Otherwise this page would become a bit overloaded. Portals http://www.oreilly.de/opensource http://opensource.mit.edu http://wizards-of-os.org Overview 10 myths – O’Reilly’s Article […]

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Introduction to IT developments in Macha

With this post I would like to share about what is a successful implementation of rural communications infrastructure and basic services in the rural settlement of Macha, in Zambia’s Southern Province. Constraints facing Macha Macha faces the major constraints that typify a rural settlement. Firstly, there is limited funding available. There are also inadequate access […]

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Questions, Questions

Apart from the ‘organizational aspect’ of getting a group of IT enthusiasts together, daily I face numbers of issues that might be open for discussion, research, dissemination of information, and so on. Possibly sharing some of these issues can help for the setting up of forums and the like. First of all, most of Zambia […]

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Proposals for CodeZed development

I would like to propose an IRC meeting (or perhaps a real-life meeting for those who can make it to Lusaka) at some stage soon, with the following items on the agenda. Please make comments regarding these proposals. Name of organisation Location of hosting server Website issues Mailing list issues Delegation of other responsibilities Immediate […]

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