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The Law of The Leadership

01 The Leadership
(Part of the series on 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing)

It’s better to be the first than it is to be better. Clearly, this has played against us. However, in recent times, we’ve strived to push new frontiers by attempting to be the first in various categories. For example the recent launch of the online Zambian community was a first in the market. Furthermore, we’re also the first to offer free advertising and website design to Zambian businesses. However, inspite of being first, IĀ find it strange that the current market leaders do not exploit this advantage. Often, you can find a site losing its leadership position by not providing the audience with current and up to date information.

Other Zambian Firsts:

First site to use ASP.NET
First site to use RSS feeds
First site to offer free email services to all members
First site to launch an official blog

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