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Mutinta Prudence Sinkala

Over the last week, The Zambian was fortunate to interview Prudence. There’s a unique charm that Prudence carries, a sense of determination and love. Friends describe her as stylish, sophisticated, confident and elegant. Yet to us, Prudence is the young lady that represents Zambia. A soul that longs to sing. Every word of her sound tracks have been truly inspiring. It is our pleasure to give you a glimpse of Mutinta Prudence Sinkala.

 Prudence Sinkala

Prudence Sinkala

Prudence Sinkala

Prudence Sinkala

Prudence Sinkala

Prudence Sinkala


“Let music ring from all corners of Zambia.”



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What is the soul behind Prudence?

Born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city. I started singing when I was a child. My first language was singing before I spoke. I thank God for my family for they have always enthusiastically supported me in my music endeavors.

Who is ‘Brown’

Well, talk about brown. The first time I heard of this name was when I was performing in the south of China. As I was on the stage singing, I saw a lot of my fans having posters and papers written “we love you Brown” I was a little bit confused of what was going on. Later on, I was told that’s what I’m called and the name came because of what I had worn one time during my performances. I had everything brown on me from head to toe. Brown is my favourite colour.

How has religion given you courage or strength?

I have always asked God to guide my paths. He has always been faithful to His word. My favourite bible passage as you can guess is Psalm 23: ‘The Lord is my shepherd’.

What are your plans for Zambia?

God willing, I plan to go back home and set up an Art Institution of Performing Arts. I Know by His Spirit, He will make it real. I forgot, I also plan to go home and eat nshima with kapenta and dance to Rumba and Kalindula like crazy till I break my waist ha ha ha (cut it)

How has singing in China influenced your style? Are you the only Zambian Musician in China?

Well, Well I might be the only one from Zambia and African in the music industry here. It’s definitely not easy at all. I write lyrics, compose, sing and produce. Of course there are helping hands thus I wouldn’t say I’m entirely handy in this field. In the music business one should not wait for the unknown hard-short to discover or promote you from the grass roots, that might take you ages waiting.

Singing in China? Crazy I should say. In the beginning, I couldn’t stand it but believe me, it has taught me ‘public eye’. When I’m with the audience I go into a different world. To be with people gives and brings out the best in me. Singing in China hasn’t changed my music style. But it has given me the joy of being different, coz I’ve always believe it’s best to be as what I am. I love to be real. Though I‘m in China, I’m still Prudence.

What inspires you to go the distance?

What inspires me most is what I see happening the world today. My own experiences, and the world issues that concern everybody.

What are your views on the world today?

The world today? I cried when I was writing my song “The Red Ocean”, and when it came to recording, it was difficult because I just couldn’t sing it, and the moment I would try it was just breaking everybody down. Listen to it as you go through the lyrics. My earnest prayer is for peace in the world.

Have you worked in any industry before? How has it inspired you?

Yes I have had part time jobs before, but always chose something I would fit it. I love being around people. But as a musician, working in another fields is an opportunity of experiencing real life. As for me personally, the real life inspires me through being attached to what goes on around me and by being in other people’s shoes. I mean feeling the joy or the pain of others. I’ve always had this inner feeling when singing strong lyrics. I don’t like singing songs without meaning or feeling.

How has the Internet helped in promoting your music?

The internet has helped me meet kindred hearts like my friend Roni, and others too numerous to mention. People would know what’s cooking thousands of miles away. Isn’t it nice. Here we are chatting while though far apart.

Given a chance, what would you change in the world?

If there is one thing I would change today, I would change the discovery of weapons or arms so we wouldn’t have deaths by war but have everlasting peace.

Words for your fellow Zambian musicians

“A bad carpenter always blames his tool”. Let no situation or circumstance cause heartaches to you my fellow Zambian musicians. Let music ring from all corners of Zambia. Believe me the conditions you have now are better than those legends like Alick Nkhata had. If they could do it, believe me their spirits give us power to go forward. Remember the old joke, “ If they did it, I can also did it”. So let us did it.

Words for all your friends, family and fans

To all, I love you. I cannot make it without your support. The songs you’ve listened to will be in your homes soon.

Love Prudence


Mouth, you betray me
You’re so naive ’bout many things,
You’re so insensitive to all the pain

Mouth you disappoint me
The things of the heart you can’t say,
The pains in my soul you can’t tell

You’re loud for the little things,
And so mute for the heart things
Why do you bring heartaches,
Why do you grieve my soul

You say I’m full when I’m starving,
You say “okay” when I’m broken hearted
You say I wanna say mouth but you don’t it again oh
I wish my heart could talk ..
I wish my soul would cry out..
I wish my eyes would say more

The Red Ocean

So many times so many speeches. Life has a big history of up and downs. I have lived so far with many wishes. Our forefathers lived with the same wishes. Will my children live with the same? How many wishes would one make over one word peace.

How many times will the children cry the tears that never pay How many times will the mothers weep How many times will the fathers go crazy with pain how many more buckets of blood shall we collect and never get satisfied.

Don’t you see that the red ocean is full of innocent blood Souls are crying out to the living you and I’m Saying Why, why do you keep on killing for power, Why, why do you shed blood for wealth.

Why, why do you kill for the boarders that the creator didn’t put. If we count the bullets used If we number the assault made The sum will be more than the help given Yes it’ll be more than the aid rendered.

(Code) But my wish of peace still lives on


I don’t remember
As if I wasn’t there
I don’t recall any
As if it wasn’t me
But my life tells it all
That I once had a birthday

I don’t remember
The first cry I made
Believing beyond doubt I do
That on your breast I soothed
Now my song tells it all
For with that cry I sing your praise

Mama…. thank you
For your patience at my meals times
For the nights you spent up while I cried for nothing
Even for that day I run out with Johnny
When I thought fifteen was a big age

I took for granted
All the care you gave
I never did say thanks
When you nursed me
Now that I’m on my feet
I just want to tell you that

Thank you Mama
For I will always tell this
Story “Once upon a birthday”


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