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The Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show

“Growth Through Agriculture and Commerce”

The Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show which is organized by the Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia (ACSZ) is the Country’s premier annual show held in the capital city, Lusaka, for five days ending on Farmers Day, a public holiday observed on the first Monday of August.

The show is the climax of district and provincial agricultural shows, which are held in the proceeding eight weeks, and so only the best of the agriculture products grown by small-scale farmers are finally exhibited at the show.

Exhibitors at the show have over the years included companies from Botswana Burundi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Egypt, England, Pakistan, India, China, France and Germany. The Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show has truly become a leading Southern African regional meeting place for investors and business people looking for opportunities and development.

Ticket Prices
Daily TicketsK6,000K6,000
5 Day TicketsK27,000K12,000
For more information contact:

The General Manager,
Agriculture and Commercial Show,
P.O Box 30333,Lusaka
Telephone : 260-1 253426 / 260-1 253415
Fax : 260-1 254898
Email :

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