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Archive | March, 2004

Prudence Sinkala

Mutinta Prudence Sinkala

Over the last week, The Zambian was fortunate to interview Prudence. There’s a unique charm that Prudence carries, a sense of determination and love. Friends describe her as stylish, sophisticated, confident and elegant. Yet to us, Prudence is the young lady that represents Zambia. A soul that longs to sing. Every word of her sound […]

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Recognising the Need for Strategic Management

Thompson Strickland, one of the respected writers on strategic management, once wrote that for a company to qualify as excellently managed, it must exhibit excellent execution of an excellent strategy. It is against this canvas that I wish to paint an abstract on the realisation of the need for strategic thinking and planning in relation […]

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Foreign Direct Investment in Zambia

So much has been said about foreign investment in Zambia and elsewhere, particularly in the last decade. No doubt FDI — by which we mean investment of multinational or transnational companies — has played a significant role in the economic development of countries. However, I would like to state that much of the talk about […]

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Cost of Living in Zambia

A) Cost of Basic Food Items Commodity Kwacha Mealie meal 32,400 Beans 4,300 Kapenta 35,000 Dry Fish 12,000 Meat (Mixed Cut) 7,600 Eggs 1 unit 3,200 Vegetable (Greens) 1,400 Tomato 2,200 Onion 2,300 Milk 2,300 Cooking Oil 11,400 Bread 1,500 Sugar 2,550 Salt 1,250 Tea (Leaves) 5,000 B) Cost of Essential Non-Food Items Commodity Kwacha […]

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The Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show

“Growth Through Agriculture and Commerce” The Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show which is organized by the Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia (ACSZ) is the Country’s premier annual show held in the capital city, Lusaka, for five days ending on Farmers Day, a public holiday observed on the first Monday of August. The show is […]

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Trade Contacts in Zambia

Export Board Of Zambia P.O. Box 30064, Lusaka Tel: (2601) 22 8106/7 Fax: (2601) 22 2509 Lusaka Chamber Of Commerce P.O. Box 37887, Lusaka Tel: (2601) 22 4114 / 22 4134 Fax: (2601) 22 4134 Ministry Of Commerce, Trade And Industry P.O. Box 31968, Lusaka Tel: (2601) 22 8301-9 Fax: (2601) 22 6673 / 22 […]

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