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Do I need a visa to visit Zambia?

Nationals of certain countries require a visa to enter Zambia. Always check with the Zambian Embassy or consulate in your country before deciding to travel to Zambia or visit the Department of Immigration or the Zambia National Tourism Board for more information. From our last update, nationals of all Commonwealth countries do not require visas to  Full Article…


Zambian Movies

A list of movies that mention Zambia, were filmed in Zambia, or made in Zambia. Faith Like Potatoes



What does Zambian mean? This is an interesting question, but one that I stumbled on while visiting a search engine called DuckDuckGo. In summary: Zambian can mean: A citizen of Zambia. Something of, from, or related to Zambia, the country in Southern Africa. e.g. Zambian Roses, Zambian Tea, Zambian Football Whilst there is no language  Full Article…


Zambian Twitterati

The list below is a compilation of the most influential Zambians and Zambian organizations on Twitter. The intent of this list is not to group such talented individuals and reputed organizations into one bucket based on skill or reputation, but rather to provide a place for you to get connected with active Zambian Twitter users.  Full Article…


Zambian names beginning with the letter W

Wakumelo Wakunguma Wakunyambo Walubita Walusiku Wamukwamba Wamujima Wamulume Wamundila Wanchinga Wangongo Watae Wawanya Wazili Wezi Wina Winga Witola Womba Wonani Wongani